Every MORE GOLF putter is 100% Billet-Milled in the USA. That’s our DNA. And with PEAK ROLL™ Technology, we’re taking precision to a place no other putter has gone before.

PEAK ROLL™ is a patented, CNC machined-in face finish that adds more than 1,000 perfect micropeaks to the faces of MOD™/1 Putters. These contact points help all golfers get their putts rolling sooner to improve their consistency and distance control on short, medium, and long putts.


PEAK ROLL™ Technology will grip and slightly lift the ball at impact, adding positive roll almost instantly for golfers with a flat or ascending arc at impact.


With our first MOD™/1 PUTTER release, we’re offering two models: RENDER™ (blade) and PROOF™ (mallet). Each of these putter heads is 100% Billet-Milled with interchangeable necks that take the guesswork out of fitting.

With up to four necks to choose from, golfers can easily test different putter head and neck configurations to ensure they’re getting the most from their unique setup and stroke preferences.


Construction: 303 Stainless Steel, Aerospace Alloy

Shaft Placement Options: Two

Head Weight: 352 Grams

Shaft: OBAN Putter 120

“PROOF” was the first MORE GOLF putter to prove the merits of a fully modular putter.

With a 5-piece construction and a crescent-shaped alignment aid, PROOF brings a golfer’s full attention to the Alignment Pocket and gives the impression of forward motion in a static position.

Golfers will be amazed at how easy it is to square the face with this putter. And should they miss the center of the face, they can rely on this high-MOI design to forgive their miscue.


Construction: 303 Stainless Steel

Neck Options: Four

Head Weight: 340-350 Grams (depending on neck)

Shaft: OBAN Putter 120

This unmistakable blade renders the emotions of both a blade and a mallet putter.

Like all MORE GOLF putters, its design was first hand-carved from wax to achieve distinct geometries not usually seen in blade putters.

RENDER’s flanges slope inward from the toe and heel to create an Alignment Pocket that is wide and symmetrical for easy alignment without losing its softness and elegance.

The logo area of the putter cavity is also slightly visible at address, offering golfers an extra alignment feature that’s particularly effective on short putts.

Putter Specs

All MORE GOLF PUTTERS are proudly built with Oban putter shafts