The word “milled” has been exploited by golf equipment companies for so long and bastardized in so many ways that it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

Things like “skim-milling” or end-stage milling of cast or forged blanks don’t offer the highest level of precision. It’s putting lipstick on a pig.

Billet-Milled is what serious golfers should demand.


  • A Solid Start

    Every MORE GOLF club starts as a billet of our premium 303 stainless steel or aerospace alloys to ensure the highest level of quality, performance, and precision.

  • Unparalleled Precision

    We use the most advanced 5-Axis CNC Milling Machines to create our billet-milled club heads.

  • Rigorous Standards

    Once the Billet-Milling Process is complete, every MORE GOLF club is carefully inspected to verify it meets our tight tolerances.

  • No Stamping, No Grinding

    To maintain the purity of our 100% Billed-Milled Construction, we do refrain from stamping or grinding our clubs.

  • Reimagine Your Game

    Isn’t time all the pieces of your game came together?


The way we manufacture our clubs is as important to us as anything else. Everything club we create is 100% Billet-Milled in the U.S. And what Billet-Milled means is that our clubs start as solid blocks of American-made 303 stainless steel and aerospace alloys before they go to our milling machines.

Our clubs are not forged. They’re not cast. Those manufacturing methods are not accurate enough to achieve the ultra-tight tolerances required for our modular approach.

With 100% Billet-Milling, there’s no finishing or polishing. The milling machine does it all. In the video below, you’ll see how we use a 5-axis milling machine to achieve the absolute highest level of precision in our clubs.


In the age of automation, people can get the shaft. But when your goal is to offer the best possible performance, people matter… a lot. Our people are just as important as our technologies.

The people who make our clubs are master machinists who know how to do things the right way. They make sure our clubs are created to the highest possible standards. And they do it in the heart of the Midwest.


Our business partner, Lomar Machine & Tool, is internationally renowned for its work in automotive, aerospace, medical, military, and many other markets. They know what it takes to create products for the world’s most demanding industries. And they’re located five minutes away from our design studio in Jackson, Michigan.

Unlike the other guys, we don’t have to fly 7,000 miles to visit our factory. We can have lunch with the people who make our clubs. We’re working side by side with them every day. And you can imagine what that means for the quality of our products.