The wedge hasn’t evolved with the times. That’s why a lot of golfers are more comfortable hitting their 9-iron into the green than their gap wedge. And that’s sad.

Luckily, those days are over. MOD®/1 WEDGES were developed to meet the needs of the modern game.


Conventional wedges have long, heavy steel hosels that weigh about 60 grams. If that sounds like a lot, it is. It equates to about 20% of the weight of a wedge being positioned in a place that impedes performance.

MOD®/1 WEDGES are different. They have an aerospace alloy hosel that weighs just 10 grams. That allows us to place an extra 50 grams of weight into the clubhead where it improves performance in several ways: more distance, more accuracy, and more consistency.

Think of it this way. A nickel weighs 5 grams. Do you think you’ll notice if we stuck it to the back of your wedge? Probably not. But add 10 nickels? You’re going to see and feel the difference immediately.


Yep, we put the hosel in a different place. And it makes all the difference.

The first reason why is obvious. By moving the hosel in and up, it stays away from the grass, sand, and other debris you might be facing coming into impact. We’ve all played from thick rough, and we know it’s a big deal to have a hosel that doesn’t get caught in the thick stuff.


MOD®/1 WEDGES are created with PEAK SPIN™ Technology, a patented face-milling pattern that includes more than 1,000 perfect micropeaks across each Face Plate to help you generate more spin when you need it most.

On your full swings, MOD®/1 WEDGES will generate about the same amount of spin as leading wedges. And that’s good because most golfers don’t need more spin on those shots. The difference is with partial shots — especially those inside 60 yards. This is where PEAK SPIN™ comes into play.

The 1,000+ micropeaks that make up the PEAK SPIN™ finish grip the cover of the golf ball. They help golfers generate more spin than they’re used to on delicate partial shots. This means more flag hunting and shorter putts for birdie — all without changing your technique.


The second reason for our hosel location is less obvious, but even more important. Fair warning… it’s about to get a little technical.

By placing the hosel more in line with the center of the club, MOD®/1 WEDGES want to stay square during the swing. It’s actually required some players who have tested our clubs to make small adjustments like overexaggerating their efforts to hit draws, fades, etc. Too straight is a good problem to have.

Here’s how it works. When the centerline of the shaft axis intersects closer to the center of the clubface, that clubhead doesn’t want to rotate as much. It feels and acts more stable.

We know it sounds radical. As our Founder, Bruce Sizemore says, “Just swing it. You’ll experience the difference.”


If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that you could change your wedge sole without changing anything else, you’ve found your next wedge. MOD®/1 WEDGES allow golfers to swap in and out different flanges to suit their swing style and course conditions.

All wedge flange styles are also available in an up or down adjustable bounce angle position. Depending on your angle of attack and the course conditions, you can dial in your bounce angle for optimal turf interaction. It’s like having a grinding wheel in the pocket of your golf bag — except much more precise. And it comes with an “undo” button.

Right now, we’re offering three flange profiles: Universal (U), Narrow (N), and Wide (W).

  • Universal (U): Available for lofts of 50, 52, and 54 degrees.
  • Narrow (N): Available for lofts of 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees.
  • Wide (W): Available for lofts of 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees.


The only limit to your creativity is your imagination with the 3Story Flange. Available in Universal (U), Narrow (N), and Wide (W), these flanges are engineered to work for any golfer and any angle of attack.

Learn more about each section of the 3Story Flange

Front: The front of the sole is particularly effective on shots where golfers approach the ball with a forward shaft lean. It has a beveled leading edge and a heavy curvature that minimizes digging so golfers can take on any shot.

Middle: The middle of the sole is flatter than most wedge soles to help golfers create crisp, consistent turf interaction on shots that require a neutral approach.

Back: The back of the sole offers aggressive trailing edge relief so golfers can easily slide the face under the ball for specialty shots: super-flops, ultra-soft pitches… you name it.


Most wedges generate a ton of spin when they’re new. But as they wear, spin diminishes. You need a new wedge. Or do you?

We’ve been told by Tour Pros that our MOD®/1 WEDGES last 2-3 times longer than their other wedges. But whenever you do sense your MOD®/1 WEDGE spin is starting to slow, you can refresh its performance with a new Face Plate.

Keep your shaft. Keep your grip. Keep your hosel. Keep your flange. Keep everything but the Face Plate. You can now add to a fresh face that will feel and perform exactly like the old one did when it was new. Or maybe even better. We’re always working on new things.

Are you starting to understand the potential of this modular thing? Good. Because we’re only getting started.

Wedge Specs

** D4 Swing Weight with Oban CT-115 Steel Shaft at standard length.